Towing Chula Vista

Chula Vista Auto Towing

Many problems can arise when driving your car. Did your car break down and you don’t know why? Is your car not driving well and you want to have it checked it? You can rely on A-1 auto Towing Chula Vista to for all of your roadside needs. Many times a breaking down on the side of the road means having to get your vehicle towed as well as finding a shop to see what is wrong with the vehicle. Here at A-1 auto Towing Chula Vista the two go hand in hand! We have many years of experience dealing with auto mechanic problems and helping you to find the proper solution. This could either be solved by our technicians or we will connect you with an auto mechanic repair shop that specializes in the work you need.

A-1 auto Towing Chula Vista provides all of the following auto services:

  • Thorough vehicle inspections
  • Car engine repair
  • Brake check up
  • Smog check
  • Oil change
  • And many more!

Vehicle check-up:
In addition to fixing automotive problems and difficulties, if you are unaware what the problem with your vehicle is we can perform a thorough vehicle check up. Our experienced technicians will inform you of any mechanical issues that your vehicle has. They will also be able to tell you how best to avoid potential threats that could arise with your vehicle in the future. This can save you valuable time and money in the future. If you are about to go on a long distance drive it is vital that oil and brake checks are performed to ensure your safety and the safety of the vehicle.

You can call us at (619) 592-7312 for a free quote 24/7.
Our prices are straightforward and affordable with no hidden fees or charges.  At A-1 auto Towing Chula Vista  we believe in fair prices and high quality service to ensure that our customers get the best service.