Towing Chula Vista

Towing Chula Vista – Customer Testimonials


A-1 auto repair & Towing Chula Vista  is an experienced and reliable roadside assistance that provides a large array of towing and roadside services including changing of flat tires, car lockouts, jump starts, as well as many other roadside services. The customer is our number 1 priority! Here are some testimonials of our supreme services from previous customers:

“ I just came out of the office after a tiring day when I started the car and it wouldn’t start. I had no idea what to do. I just realized that the battery died. I called A-1 auto repair & Towing Chula Vista and in 20 minutes, they were already in our office parking lot, trying to assist me in fixing my car. The staff was very efficient and my car was up and running in no time! I even got home in time for dinner!” – Anna Rodriguez

“I got stranded in the highway with a flat tire. I didn’t have a spare tire with so I was really uneasy. I was desperate for help. It was getting dark and I did not want to spend a whole night waiting for some good samaritan to help me.  It’s a good thing that I found A-1 auto repair & Towing Chula Vista’s number online on my phone. I was so happy because as soon as I dialed their number, somebody immediately picked up the phone, got my info, and had someone come over! They sent their licensed and certified technician and they were there to help me in less than an hour! Very reliable!” – Martin Cohen

“A-1 auto repair & Towing Chula Vista offers quality services with fair prices. I had to have my car ignition replaced and my car keys replaced as well. I lost my car keys and cannot seem to find them, still. Good thing that besides towing, they also offer other services as well. The technicians were very professional and they seem to know what they were doing.” – Kevin Abbey

If you have a roadside emergency give us a call at (619) 592-7312!
A certified tow truck driver with many years of experience will be there to assist you in thirty minutes or less!