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Need Ignition Key Repair in the region of Chula Vista?

For a long time the locals of Chula Vista have occasionally had the trouble of lost or broken ignition keys.If you happen to have a spare key, then lucky you. Unfortunately, most people do not carry a spare key.Auto locksmiths such as A-1 Towing Chula Vista have come up with a solution of ignition key replacement.

The loss or breakage of an ignition key can be a major hassle considering that new models of cars have transponder keys with a chip inside.These chips are not easy to duplicate. Replacement of a car ignition key especially one with a chip thus calls for a good auto locksmith such as the A-1 Towing company.

You have two options in case you lose or break your ignition key:

One:get in touch with your car dealer for ignition key replacement. This option has a great disadvantage as the car has to be towed and you pay extra and aside from your car being towed you may be forced to wait several days as most car dealers do not specialize in locksmith services instead they contact third parties to do the job.

Two: calling a local locksmith.This option will not only save your time but also money as well. All you have to make sure is that the that the locksmith you have called offers auto locksmith services such as ignition key replacement. It is also important to make sure that the locksmith is fully certified by the state of California.

A-1 Towing has the equipment and experience to safely and professionally replace any car key.
The next time you need ignition key replacement in Chula Vista you know who to contact: (619) 592-7312

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